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4/5s Weekly Update

Spring has sprung in our classroom!  We’ve been busy making birds, eggs and bunnies to celebrate the season.  Be sure to check out our birds on the bulletin board at the Williamsville library the next time you visit there.

We began the new letterbook T with two teeny -tiny Tic Tacs to emphasize the sound.  There will be many more new words in this book and even a whole story to read.  In math we estimated the number of Easter eggs and asked parents to estimate too.  I must say that everyone is getting better at estimating as the year goes on.  Look for the number revealed on Monday to see if you were close!

The upcoming week will be especially busy.  We’ll visit the library, celebrate the 100th day of school, and finish up the week with an Easter party and basket hunt.  Could we possibly have more fun?


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