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4/5s Weekly Update

If you heard a lot of noise coming from our classroom this week, it would have been from the excitement of the dog –themed events. It was such fun having the “pets” join us for snacks (Scooby Snacks), songs, and a dog show obstacle course. To top it off we concluded the week with Sullivan’s dog-shaped snacks which led to lots of giggles and barking!

We began letterbook S with Smelly Smiley Stickers, making S’s in the sand, and painting seahorses. It was a super start to a new book. I continue to be delighted at the letterbook progress of the class. They are stupendous workers!

In the upcoming week we will continue working in letterbook S, conclude our ocean-themed activities and begin a unit on animals in winter. We’ll also begin learning to recognize and write our last names. By this time in the year all the children should be ble to write their first names using lower case letters for everything but the first letter. Please reinforce this on homework pages. Thanks!


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