Kindergarten Readiness Weekly Update

Calling all Pilgrims!  The Mayflower is ready to set sail!  The children have painted it (a big thank you to Mrs. Ryan for braving the painting mess to assist), and added the supplies from their suitcases.  They even wanted to make a steering wheel and an anchor to go with it to add to the authenticity.  We’ll sail to our feast on Monday and hopefully it will be a smooth
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3’s November Newsletter

2’s October Newsletter

K Readiness Weekly Update

We have made it through the Halloween frenzy!  Thanks to all families for joining us for our Halloween concert.  I thought the performance was one of the best ever.  We had lots of activities for the rest of the day.  We decorated clementines to look like jack-o-lanterns, enjoyed a festive snack, tried to bite donuts on a string, and played “stick the nose on the pumpkin”.  What fun! It’s
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