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My daughter joined her class mid way through the year at ODNS as a spot became available for her in the three year old room. My husband was hesitant to have her join late into the program, since this would be her first experience in an organized, structured school setting. I managed to capture a photo of her very first day at drop off as she literally bounced through the door, excited to be a big girl in the three year old classroom. I will forever cherish this photo, not only for the smile that stretches across my daughter’s face, but for the fact that Mrs. Bibko is equally as excited to welcome a new friend into ODNS. My daughter has a daily report for both her father and I about what Mrs. Bibko and Mrs. Overton “teached” her that day, and she delights in every school project, all literacy based, that she is able to bring home each week. The blessing song has become a regular custom at our dinner table each night and I also find myself humming it on a regular basis, simply to remind myself all that I have to be thankful for. The staff at ODNS are assets in the field of education and I could not be happier with the progress my three year old has made in the past few months. This first year of school opens the door to a child’s opinion on school for the rest of their life. My daughter has loved every second she has spent in Mrs. Bibko’s class. Her first impression of school was formed at ODNS and it has been completely positive. She has gained the confidence every student deserves and found the excitement in learning and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you ODNS!

Lauren and James

As an alumna of Open Door Nursery School, I have fond memories of the classrooms, teachers, toys and activities that influenced my days in both 3 and 4 year old classes from 1988 through 1990!

Now my own daughter has thoroughly enjoyed many of the same time-tested routines and educational activities as a member of the Tues.-Thurs. 3 year old class that is concluding this week.  To say that our family loves the Open Door program is an understatement.  The teachers have always been so warm and welcoming, as well as compassionate, caring, and understanding with the children and families alike.  The classrooms are comfortable and well equipped, with lots of different learning centers, play areas, and dress up corners.  The 2nd floor gym space allows for the children to practice gross motor skills while blowing off some steam on the various trikes, climbing activities, and in the playhouse.

The unique location of ODNS on Main St. in the Village of Williamsville also affords some very special opportunities for the children to explore and learn about their community.  From walks to Garrison Park, the Glen Falls, or Island Park to a ride on the NFTA Metro Bus to Anderson’s Ice Cream only a short distance away, the children are exposed to the sights and sounds of the bustling village while safely in the charge of their wonderful teachers.

Look no further than Open Door Nursery School for a classic preschool experience for your toddler to 5 year old.  We have now for 2 generations!

Eileen Spellman

As parents of a 4 year old boy turning five late in the calendar year, Open Door was exactly what our child needed to mature before Kindergarten. We have seen improvement in communication, patience, play, and most of all, his ability to sit still, listen and learn. His interest in learning, writing, and attending school has increased under the guidance of Mrs. Sexton and Mrs. Nelson. We are confident that his time spent at Open Door Nursery School will give him the necessary tools for schooling in the years ahead. Well-staffed and set in a comfortable environment, Open Door provides a perfect combination of play and education. Mrs. Sexton and Mrs. Nelson are excellent at their jobs, and the kids seem to love and respect them. We are so happy we selected this school and highly recommend it to any parent who wants their child to have a foundation of learning, while preserving the innocence and importance of play.

Christopher & Dawn Schregel – parents

My daughter attends the Kindergarten Readiness Program at Open Door Nursery School and since the first day of school, it has been nothing but positive. The teachers provide the perfect mix of academics and fun. The environment is nurturing and creative. My daughter has had so many fun learning experiences and enjoys every minute of it. Open Door also offers a wonderful mix of supplemental experiences like yoga, walks to the library, visits from the aquarium, or family fun nights, to name a few. In this classroom, kids can still be kids while learning the foundational skills needed for a successful transition to kindergarten. We’ve saved every letter book this year and she revisits them each week at home with a sense of pride and accomplishment in what she has learned. I have confidence that my daughter will be well prepared to head off to Kindergarten — even if mom’s not quite ready! Thanks, Open Door.

Shannon Budin – parent