Quarterly Board Newsletters

Fall Newsletter

Fall Newsletter 2022.pdf

Winter Newsletter

Winter Newsletter 2023.pdf

Two Year Old Class

2's October Newsletter

The Open Door Gazette October 2022.pdf

2's November Newsletter

The Open Door Gazette Novmeber 2022.pdf

2's Decmeber Newsletter

2's January Newsletter

January news letter.pdf

2's February Newsletter

February News Letter 2s.pdf

2's March  Newsletter

Two march.docx

2's April      Newsletter

April News Letter.pdf

2's May       Newsletter

Three Year Old Class

3's October Newsletter

October Newsletter 2022.pdf

3's November Newsletter

November Newsletter.pdf

3's Decmber Newsletter

December 2022 Newsletter

3's February Newsletter

February 2023 Newsletter.pdf

March 2023

March 2023 Newsletter.pdf

April 2023

April 2023 Newsletter.pdf

May 2023

May 2023 Newsletter.pdf

June 2023

Four Year Old Class

4's October Newsletter

October 22 Newsletter.pdf

4's November Newsletter

November 22 Newsletter.pdf

4's December Newsletter

December 22 Newsletter.pdf

4's January Newsletter

Jan News 4s.pdf

4's February Newsletter

Feb 4s NWSL.pdf

4's March Newsletter

4s march newsletter.pdf

4's April     Newsletter

4s news april.pdf

4's May      Newsletter

may 4s.pdf

Five Year Old Class

5's October Newsletter

October 2022pdf.pdf

5's November Newsletter

November 2022 colleen.pdf

5's December Newsletter

December 2022 colleen.pdf

5's January Newsletter

Jan news 5s.pdf

5's February Newsletter

Feb 5s NWSL.pdf

5's March Newsletter

5s march Newsletter.pdf

5's April      Newsletter

5s april.pdf

5's May       Newsletter

5s may.pdf